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Simon Treanor

Hey, do you have any of the old "The Smoke" stuff still online? I used to love that stuff, it'd be nice to read it again.

Tim Bradford

Hi Simon

What are you up to round this neck of the woods? I think you might have got lost...

Thanks for your kind comments about the old smoke. I do have some smokes somewhere on my server. To my mind it never worked quite as well on the web, being a newsletter-based idea originally. Now, of course, you can't move for London blogs so I keep a low profile.

Actually, the date is wrong on this entry - it's from 2002.

Simon Treanor

As it happens, I dug around and managed to find the old pages - http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~wsc/smokish36.html (my job isn't very interesting). I did notice this story from 2002, which makes my earlier comment look like a sarcastic dig.

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