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Deborah Allwright

I've just discovered your poignant posting of the demise of the Clissold Park Bowling Green.
I'm locally trying to revive interest in keeping on, what appears to be the last bowling green in Hackney - at Springfield Park - not far from Cazenove road. If anyone would like to comment pass on support, the time is NOW! A council decision for granting £'s towards maintenance of this Green is immanent.Please respond to


The Bowling Green in the photo looks like it's in the Rose Garden and not the abandoned one near the arthritic goats cage.

Maybe more than one green was required to satisfy demand for bowling in its heyday.

I really enjoyed the Groundwater Diaries. I used to live on Mountgrove Road and it really inspired me to do a bit of research about the local subterranean rivers.

But I'll leave the Super strength lager experiments to your good self!


Thanks for your comments. And well spotted, Gareth. I was a bit confused looking at the pic, thinking I had the perspective in my memory a bit mixed up. It also explains the contours of the Rose Garden. I know there are two kinds of bowls - Crown Green and, er, the other one. Perhaps there were rival factions in Clissold Park.

As for the plan to save the last bowling green, it seems almost to represent a state of mind, when speed wasn't the most important thing in people's lives. It would be interesting to know if there are any martial arts clubs in the area that might take on bowls as part of their meditative practice.

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