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Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop

I hope people still call me a "lad" when I'm in my late 60s/early 70s. Do you have HP Sauce in your bacon sarnie? For me, it's too dry without, because I like the fat well browned.

Tim Bradford

I agree about the Brown Sauce, Stay-At-Home. I've experimented with all kinds of combinations in the past and it often depends on the kind of bread used. At the old Arsenal Cafe on Blackstock Road the bacon sarnies were made with thick crusty white bread and were fantastic.See

Funnily enough I only really learned how to cook bacon properly after watching you make a big German breakfast in DC back in 2000.

Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop

I am the guru of grease.

Nowadays, it's purely an eastern English breakfast on Saturday mornings as I make my own version of Lincolnshire sausages. A bottle of imported HP Sauce costs about six times what it does at home, but probably tastes all the better for being a rare and expensive delicacy.

Kevin O Hare

Enjoying reading your stuff uplifting & funny
Kevin .. Belfast
Long live the people's republic of islington

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